Matt Duffy wrote:

> >I did catch Chris on video snapping his composite pole
> >on Rumble.  That's the second composite pole destruction I've seen, and
> both caught on video.  I'm beginning to wonder if they're more durable than
> aluminum after all.
>      I think they are, but not by much. Good thing about them is that most
> come with a warranty, which I've taken advantage of more than once. A set
> of $50 poles can become 3 sets of $17 poles quite easily.

Interesting.  I have no doubt that my composite poles are less
destructable than my old aluminum ones.  I used to go through poles like
toilet paper.  Planting them in bumps, roots, other interesting
sub-terrainian obstacles that bite baskets, etc. and then bending them
in half.

With my composites, I'll consistently bend them 45 degrees or more, have
them pull out of the snow and be glad that they've sprung back into
shape.  I can't wait to get a pair of adjustables so I don't have to
tele with my cut-down aluminums.  I keep fearing that I'll bend one.


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