Sorry I missed you, I was there the next day.

The name of the run that you are referring to is "Cathedral Brook", not
"Castle Rock".

It is a great run.  They advertise running a cat over to it.  I think they
ran it one weekend last year, maybe two.  Charge is $5 per trip.  I don't
know why they chose not to run it last weekend; maybe the snowstorm caught
them by surprise or they felt the powder was too light to warrant any
considerable traffic?  Who knows, but I'm glad.  For several reasons, the cat
spoils the beauty of the trail IMNSHO.

To skier's right of Cathedral Brook is "The Glen" which is where the official
tree sking is.  I have not ventured in there.  I personally know the people
that cut it, and they claim that it is great, and they obviously have a lot
of pride in their work.  I ran into them on 01/01/01 and they had sampled the
Glen (it was officially closed).  Powder was very deep.  To be honest, I
don't know if it even officially opened last year.  They're obviously grossly
conservative on opening it.

I was on Cathedral Brook as well on 01/01/01 and ran into three snow shoers
coming down the trail.  They expressed amazement that I had been the only
other person that they had seen on this great trail.  They had spent some
time in the Glen and claimed the snow was waist high.  I estimate that there
were maybe 50 skiers on the trail before me, and my second run down was there
just as they closed it on Monday at 3:30 (actually I had to convince the ski
patroller that I had really made it there before she started putting the rope
up - the fact that we were both on tele's probably helped her decision to
ignore my true arrival time).

Continuing down Cathedral Brook is reportedly skiable.  It takes you into the
village at the bottom.  Locals that live there have been known to ski it
down, but getting back to the lifts would be very very tough.

The Glen is marked by orange tree markers.  I have seen two other places on
the mountain with orange tree markers, but I can't find one of them anymore
(may have disappeared with the new trail they cut).  But you're right, there
isn't alot of tree skiing on the mountain proper - lots of big rocks and logs.


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