Denis wrote:

Being one of them I
have nothing against boarders but a run down Bruce last year just after 8
(I counted) sideslipping juvenile boarders jumped in convinced me that I
don't want that at MRG.  There's a whole culture out there that I totally
don't understand, the ones who can sideslip to the halfpipe and sideslip
back to the bottom of the lift.  They couldn't carve a turn to save their
lives and they don't care.  I don't get it?


    I was riding up Heavens gate during this past powder weekend with
a Snowboarder who was complaining about a Snowboarder who was sideslipping
down Ripcord. I mentioned to him that it was nice to hear that from another

    Wow what a great weekend. I hiked over to Castlerock on Sunday and
Monday (I thought MRG would be to crowded so I went to Sugarbush). The best
run was about 3:30 on Sunday when Middle Earth had filled back in with
all fresh powder. I arrived a little late on Monday, but still found lots
of deep fresh powder. I hit MRG yesterday and it looks like Jay Peak

    If I can hook up with my friend Ed, I'll probably be at Killington at
7:30 am Saturday to catch an early gondola ride.

    Dave Barcomb

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