My hubs are locked for the big journey tomorrow in the light snow to

        ..... Nashober Valley in Wesfidd Mass (that's Masshole for Nashoba Valley
in Westford Mass).  Yes, you heard right.  I'm in agony.  Since
Thanksgiving, I've been training after work from 7 'til almost 10 once or
twice a week to get Senior certification in OEC (Outdoor Emergency Care for
the National Ski Patrol) and the evaluation is tomorrow at NV while a
powder day is goin' on in The Holy Land.
        This has been torture - "Mahk, ovah hee-ah;  this victim's in wicked pain
from a broken ahm and
needs to get his sh*% back togethah with yaw help" has been what I've been
putting up over the last few weeks at Nashober and WaaaaaWaWachusett in the
cold darkness under snow guns with the wind blowing.  Once I learned the
language, my skills improved.  The downer is that folks on the MRG Patrol
have been saying "oh, it took me 3 tries to pass the evaluation" or "it
took Bob 4 years to get Senior certified" which is all great encouragement.
 Anyone who tries to become a patroller just for the free pass is nothing
but a mental retard in my book - it just ain't worth it.
        Of course, after evaluation (which they say is gonna' last from 7 to 4PM
or even longer), we all know where I'm headin.


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