On Thursday, January 04, 2001 12:08 AM, Marc Guido
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> Thanks for your well-intentioned comments, Mark.  Agreed, I've only got
> enough avi knowledge to get myself into trouble.  Which is why I have no
> intention of being stupid.  I'm not dumb enough to venture into
> unaware, don't worry.  I'm picking this stuff up only for in-bounds
> where its use is required.  First thing on the agenda is to use it with a
> partner to get some practice, *before* it's actually put to use in the

        Hmmm ... I probably came across as condescending with my comments which
exhibited my charm which often resembles a discarded used contraceptive.
 Sorry 'bout that.
        But definitely go to the "special" terrain at Bridger, Taos and Big Sky as
long as you follow their recommended protocol and exercise the basics such
as ski with some distance apart from each other and not above another, know
how to use the toys and watch out for those "pillows" on the lee side.
        This terrain is not to be missed.  I missed the Taos extravaganza because
of 4 feet of new snow that was breast deep on Sir Arnold Lunn.


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