Gerry said that they called it Slide Brook beause years ago, when it was all
clearcut, there were some huge mudslides if it rained during the summer.   He
said In 1892 that a huge slide covered German flats.  The most recent slide
happened a few years ago during the big flood that cancelled the Ben and
Jerry's festival.  You can see it from the Valley pretty easily.  This slide
is actually to the skier's right of the famous Mother Chute, or Mother of All
Chutes.  This was cut a number of years ago and drops 3000 verts or so from
the top of the ridge to German Flats.  The plan was to cruise a bit at North
and head down the Long Trail to the mother.  North was great, groomed powder.
We hit Lower FIS, which was killer, soft naural snow.  At about 11:00 the
crowds from the South arrived and we headed out.

My buddies have been telling me about the mother for years.  It's where they
go when everything else is tracked out.  Unfortunately, I have never been
around onthe days they did it, and you don't go there alone.  Today was the
day.  Getting to the chut was intense.  Busting through the boreal forest was
tough.  There were a lot of tree wells, and the snow was past waist deep.
The trees had so much snow on the boughs that they blocked the sky.  If you
got stuck up here you would be in big trouble.  Just as I though we were
there, Gerry says there is a 20 foot drop here.  Yikes.  We found a way
around it, had to slide down on our butts, but there we were:  125' of steep
wide chute.  It was at least 40 degrees and 40 feet wide.  Since I had never
been, Gerry let me go first.  I was a bit nervous since he said that it
sloughed the last time, and we knew the layer of ice was still there from the
big rainfall.  I made two turns, realized it was cool and let her rip.  The
snow was amazing.  Bottomless fluff.  It looked and felt like out west or BC.
 I couldn't believe it.  Gerry came after me and on his first turn it
fractured to my tracks and about 18" sloughed off.  He said the first two
turns were sketchy, but after that it was glory.

We picked down through the woods. Great lines and great snow, but the slide
was the best.  Got to the bottom, went back up for a cruiser to wind down.
What a day,

We always find the goods.  Even days after the storm.  What a great winter.


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