Hi all,

Several folks have asked about clothing so i prepared a quick overly
complete list at this url:

a summary at the bottom can be helpful as well. Jsut for the record you
don't need a sleeping bag or head lamp! however you do need snowwhoes with
the little crampon type claws on the bottom. you don't need an ice ax and
extra boot crampons.

i have worn long underwear, with the uvm nylon warm up pants, warm boots,
long underwear top (not cotton, but a polypro type, cotton for the most
part is a no no in winter hiking as it holds mositure and freezes with you
inside) with a good sewater, nexk warmer and good ski cap. ski clothing
works but be sure you can open them up as you will undoubltly get HOT on
the way up. the goal belive it or not is to not sweat on the way up as
that is what makes you cold. so layering your clothes is the way to
go. now this past weekend some friends of mine went up and the wind chill
at the top was -50 f, a bit on the chilly side. we hope it is warmer than
that when we go. the scoop on wind chill is that it effects ONLY exposed
SKIN. so if you have the neopryne skimask and goggles bring them. you will
not wear them until we approach the summit (the summit is what gets
windy) but they are great to have if it is windy. hope this helps. i will
be happy to provide more but at the moment i need to get ready for my
class. I spent to much time playing all weekend :)

Be Cool,
        Bob E.