Hi everyone, the CSSA is having a movie night this friday from 7-midnight
in the CC theatre!  Snacks will be provided, we hope to see you there, but
the movies have yet to be decided on!  Please vote for one of the
following categories [or add your own] so that we can announce which
movies will be shown.
[approximately, we can narrow it down that night by bringing 5 or
so in the winning category.]

Thank you!

Arnold Schwartzenneger
Jim Carrey movies
Tom Cruise movies
Star Trek [not #1, but hey, I'm good with any of the other 9]
Tom Clancy [hunt for red october, spy movies w/harrison ford]
Michael Crichton [jurassic park, sphere, plague movie w/monkeys (?)]
Brat Pack
Stephen King [I vote noooo]

cmon work with me here!  :)


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