Thanks to Patty for the reference to the Town Officer Internet e-mail
training program.  (And congratulations too - you ARE a gem!)

Please let me know if you want to sign up for the email based training
program - or spread the word. I think we will be starting to send out
the lessons again later this spring following the TOEC conferences.  All
the back lessons are at and the lesson
on netiquette is at

I was just about to respond to the whole list with my take on the issue
Jon presents, because it is a real issue.  Leslie Pelch has some good
thoughts, and I want to add that people sign off lists when they get a
lot of mail that they have a hard time dealing with, or if they consider
it 'junk' or unrelated to the subject, etc.  I know from my discussions
with clerks that they bemoan volumes of email. So my take - it IS as
much a courtesy to honor someone publically, as it is to reply with your
personal congratulations directly to the honoree, unless what you truly
feel that what you have to say benefits everyone.

In terms of how-to avoid the problem - My impression is that the problem
lies in the convenience of the reply button in email software.

By hitting the reply button, you reply to the whole list.  To reply to
an individual personally, you have to address the email directly to that
person.  Options include: Use your address book if you already have that
person in your address book, or you can copy and paste it from another
email message, or you can look for that person's address in the list of
folks that are subscribed to the list and type it in.  (Send mail to
[log in to unmask], no subject, one line in the body of the message
"review muninet" (no quotes, no other text).  You get back a list of
everyone who's subscribed and their email addresses.  This may be a good
reference sheet to have around.

Hope this helps.  I'm pretty pleased with the way the list is used.
It's exciting to see the information sharing going on.  If anyone thinks
there needs to be a new list on more specific themes, or just for clerks
or just for treasurers, or just for clerk/treasurers, and one for
managers, or just one for congratulations :-) (smile) etc etc, let me
know, and I'll be happy to help set more of these up.  And my feeling is
that it helps to have the leadership of the clerks/treasurers assn,
managers assn, etc support the concept of a new list, so there's some
kind of 'official' endorsement and support by an organization - but
that's not even necessary - I don't think this list started with any

Best -


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