A beginning discussion/organizing effort around the issue of Racism and
the New Eugenics Ideas + Policies will take place at Hunter College
(68th St.& Lexington Ave. West Building room 604) at 1pm on Sunday 25
February. Josť Morales, Sam Anderson and other scientists of color will
have a diologue about the relationship between white supremacy and the
historic discoveries and breakthrus within the biological fields around
the Human Genome Project and genomics... and our strategies for mounting
a fightback.

We urge you to attend... and if you know students or colleagues of
color, please strongly urge them to attend also. This panel is taking
place within the Technology + Globilization conference that starts on
Saturday 24 February at Hunter College. A lot of other intersting panels
are also taking place. Some folk within the progressive
antiglobilization/anti-imperialist movement are beginning to see the
central role that [capitalist] science + technology play in developing
and maintaining capitalist dominance and feeding their
profit-maximization needs on a world scale.

In Struggle,

S. E. Anderson


The article below, I hope, should provoke some good healthy discussions
on our listserv!