I know that this is after your meeting, but the battle surely goes on. I
just read this recently in that Yearbook of Vascular Surgery 2000 (p. 456)
that I recommended here recently, from a study by van Rossum, et al., in
British Journal of Radiology:

Results of a series of 149 patients: DVT prevalence was 12% in patients with
suspected PE, and 32% in patients with proven PE. A meta-analysis of
literature yielded DVT in patients with proven PE ranging from 10% to 93%.
"For all reports, the pooled estimate of the prevalence of DVT among
patients with suspected PE was 18%."

Dr. Porter's comment: "I fail to see how either a positive or a negative
result from the vascular laboratory will or should alter patient treatment.
Certainly, a negative result most assuredly does not rule out PE, and a
positive result does not rule in PE. I believe that, in general, this is an
inappropriate use of the vascular laboratory."

Obviously, if there are leg symptoms or big risk factors (like cancer), I
assume it would make more sense to have us take a look.

Don Ridgway
Grossmont Hospital
Grossmont College

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> Does anyone have any published articles on the incidence of DVT in
> patients with
> NO lower extremity symptoms who are being worked up for R/O PE?  ...or
> data
> gathered in you labs?  THANK YOU!  Please respond at your earliest
> convenience -
> we are gathering info for a meeting tomorrow at 3PM!!!Thanks, again!