Dr. Conti,
Based on my previously stated experience with the Medicare appeals system I believe your statement is incorrect.These appeals were made to a Federal Judge in the Social Security system who ruled color could be paid. Although these rulings were just recently adjudicated and were three years in the system, we will continue to appeal even though the color definition has changed. As I had mentioned previously Judge Sullivan saw the inequity in the reimbursement and, by his order, unbundled the Correct Coding Initiative. Since the inequity still exists we will continue to appeal until it the doesn't exist anymore. In order to appeal you must use a code that most accurately describes the service you are performing thus we bill 93325 (under the conditions previously stated).
It would be nice to start a movement where everyone would appeal this issue. If this happened, there is no doubt from my experience that some action would result. The Carriers would have to respond to all of the appeals and the ALJ's, who are logical people, would continue to see the economic discrimination. As a service ot anyone who desires, we are willing to share our experience and the aforementioned decisions.
The other fellow.
Robert T Kane
Phoenix Cardiovascular
Doylestown PA
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Subject: Re: CPT coding for vascular testing

There is no code for color flow in the vascular setting.  The code the other fellow used is for color flow to compliment echocardiography. 
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Subject: CPT coding for vascular testing

Does anyone have a list of the best CPT codes to use for each of the various
studies done in a typical Vascular Laboratory?  The recent discussion
regarding billing for color flow exams has resulted in some confusion.
Someone who knows and posts these codes would be providing a great service
to the rest of us.  Thanks.

Sandy Olson, RVT
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