>Date:         Mon, 5 Feb 2001 11:46:25 -0500
 From:         Dana Dorsett <[log in to unmask]>
 Subject:      Re: Calif. Ramblin', Part 2 - Powder at Mammoth & June

 Sounds like another one of those moments.  Aren't we gettin' a bit old
 these kind of  panics, Denis? I feel your pain- been there!  Sounds like
 once your heart rate returned it was worth it though!  I'm glad you
 wedge under with enough force to break your leg!<

Thanks, that makes two of us.  Yeah probably I'm a bit old for that but I
still want to do it and still can.  Reading the tea leaves, I believe it's
likely that I will run out of the mental resolve to ski the hairball stuff
before I lose the physical ability.  That is probably nature's way and
probably a good thing.

The tele free heel saved my legs and knees.  It was a slow enough fall
that alpine bindings might not have released.  A Voile release kit is not
helpful in a straight forward fall like this and I keep mine set pretty
tight so that I can't twist out of them, either skiing chutes or when
trapped like that.  The challenge was to somehow pull myself close enough
to my feet to open the Rainey front throw, which took quite a bit of
struggle.  Knew I did that ab work for a reason.

The most dangerous experience of that day occurred at 10 PM or so after
returning the 4WD to LAX and getting an economy car.  I got lost trying to
find the right freeway ramp and had to stop at a gas station for
directions.  It had bars and bulletproof glass and one of those drawers
for passing money & credit cards.  The Korean woman was hard to understand
and meanwhile a car pulled up playing rap music at 100 decibels and 3 very
big surly looking soul brothers got out.  They had parked right next to me
and I could do nothing but try to pump up, unlock the car with studied
nonchalance and get the hell out of there.  I believe that was a far more
threatening situation than being trapped in the trees at June.  and it was
one over which I had a lot less control.  Life is like that;  you don't
know what may be sneaking up on you.  The guy who passes on skiing in the
trees today may step off a curb and get hit by a truck tomorrow.

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