Hate to bust up all the radio chatter, but there's some excellent skiing to
be had.

Took advantage of the reported 8"-10" fresh at MRG (it seemed like quite a
bit more).  On the slightly heavy side, but my goodness, everything at MRG
is filled in.  Remember a post a little while ago about The Chimney not
being ready?  It's ready.  And so is the chute below Chimney, and so is the
wacky streambed above the top of Waterfall trail.  They're all ready.  Go
get 'em!

Two double rides in mucho untracked and semi-tracked, then I'm standing in
the Single line. "Which plaid person are you?"
Wheeling around I find a friendly but unfamiliar face.  Lurker Jeremy Grip
(great name) wanted to know where some of the places he'd read about were,
so we found some.  First up was TNF.  Immediately brought to mind the epic
descent in there last Feb. with Renson and Mike Taub.  Gripster lost a pole
basket, though, and made a pitstop in the ski shop, who outfitted him with
a new basket, gratis.  Very cool.  Mismatching pole baskets are very
SkiVT-l chic, doncha know?

Next up was 20th, and yes, telelated, the choices out there are tough
ones.  I opted for far right, and Jeremy hit the mainline.  Oh my.  Lean
over, choke on snow, explode through pillows of white, dive, whirl, enjoy.
Rinse. Repeat.

Jeremy went in for lunch, and though I tried, we didn't meet up again.  A
quickie on the Practice Slope was followed by a playful romp down Chute &
Fall Line.  Usually that combo. kicks my little arse, but now is the time
to bash the heck out of these pure ski runs.  Point, aim, chute.  See,
believe, huck, land, laugh.  Joy! [Insert best Stimpy voice there...]

Other highlights included Ice Palace, Paradise Lost, and various other
names-unknown-to-me woods.  Hope to have pictures up by tonight or
tomorrow.  Gotta go.  You do to, to MRG, or somewhere in New England.
Soon.  Before the r*** on Friday.  You've got your assignment.  Turn off
the 'puter and ski!

-Jim B.

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