Mr. Guido says:
>Camera either goes around my neck and zipped within the jacket, with
>diskettes in another pocket, or both camera and diskettes

Diskettes? Are you using a Sony Mavica? I have one and sorta like it (a
gift from my ex-employer) but find it a bit too heavy and bulky to take
skiing. So is my wet chemistry SLR and lenses, but there were times when it
was worth carrying them in a pack (eg: Blackcomb, Zermatt). I usually carry
a small 35mm Olympus w/ a 35-80mm zoom, primarily for it's small size and
weight. I'd like to go digital but I find that most (all?) of the small
ones have a user interface that is more computer than camera. After 35
years of photography, I want a digital that behaves like a camera. If I
want to adjust exposure, I want to push a button a few times or turn a dial
- I don't want to wade through a multi-level cascading menu system on an
impossible-to-see-in-the-sunlight LCD screen.

What are the photographers on the list using, especially if digital?


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