My personal take on it is that it's precisely because
of the stereotype -- we tend to overcompensate to try to
bring the pendulum back to center as quickly & definitely
as possible.  Plus, in our case it's a case of trying to
from boring to glitz.  How many people do you know who
want to go the other way? <grin>

JM$.02W, though -- your mileage may vary. :)

Bill Nichols
Eglin AFB, FL
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the objectification of women in general in this instance patently
reprehensible...   Not the mention its focus on 'librarian as female,'
which is also a stereotype.

Such programs make us visible only in the most damaging of ways.  I
believe they add to the public's perception that we are not
professionals.  Do you see doctors, lawyers, IT people, or CPAs
engaging in the denigration of their own professional standing?  Why
do we?