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February 21, 2001
Wall Street Journal Special Report: Health & Medicine
People Power: The federal government is using the Web to open up a treasure
trove of medical information to consumers


Interesting background on Medline, including this paragraph:

"Just a decade ago, it seemed unlikely that the NLM would be anything more
than a closely guarded repository of arcane scientific knowledge. Started in
1879 as the Index Medicus, a listing of journal articles, the NLM by 1960
began storing its information on computers. By the early 1970s, electronic
searches were possible, but finding data was so complicated that it took six
weeks to train a medical librarian how to do it. Even after personal
computers became widespread in the 1980s, and an easy-to-use search feature
called Grateful Med was introduced, medical librarians remained the
intermediaries, and initially they were anxious about the idea of letting
doctors do searches on their own, worried that librarians might be rendered
obsolete, Dr. Lindberg says. (In fact, many doctors and scientists still
rely on medical librarians who have the time and expertise to search not
only Medline but hundreds of other databases.)"

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