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12:35 PM 2/13/01 -0500, Ziegler, Judy wrote:
I did get a response of sorts from Pat Schroeder-she doesnt understand what
the uproar was about regarding the washington post article-- "She is quite a
bit surprised! Thanks to Susan Cleveland for the address-- (see below)--
Maybe we can all help her out!

Judith E. Ziegler, Medical Library, Crozer-Chester Medical Center
I  think I got the same canned response.  Although it was signed "Pat
it was generated from an email address "Bert Ramlow [[log in to unmask]]",
so I doubt if Ms. Schroeder even saw my response to the article.  However,
I still
think it is a good idea to express our thoughts regarding the issues addressed
in the story.

The reply I received talked about problems with the Digital Millennium
Copyright Act, the disagreement over what constitutes "fair use"
and the need to protect the livelihood of the publishers and the authors
who hold copyright.

Linda DeMuro

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>ok, guys,   here's Pat's email address.  Let's let her hear from us!!!
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Linda De Muro, Library Manager
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