I don't think that we denigrate our own profession.  We don't speak up and
object to the denigration by media and others ... that might be the real

I had been aware of this whole thing a few weeks ago when a friend, a
library director, had forwarded this information to me.  I found it
repulsive then and my comment was that it had to be a man... who had
initiated this whole exchange.  Now,  ALL YOU MALE LIBRARIANS OUT THERE
PLEASE don't take that personally!  I am sure that you are all very pleasant
and liberated and you respect women and you would never dream of such a

Perhaps we should elect a spokesperson for librarians who can respond to
such blatant sexism??  Any takers???

Thanks for letting me put in "My Two Cents".

Rekha Gandhi
Lathrope Health Sciences Libarary
Morristown Memorial Hospital
Morristown, NJ 07962
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I find it disheartening that the media seems to focus on librarians
only to exploit and further ingrain the stereotype of the 'shy
hair-in-the-bun type' suddenly turning into a femme fatale.  I find
the objectification of women in general in this instance patently
reprehensible...   Not the mention its focus on 'librarian as female,'
which is also a stereotype.

Such programs make us visible only in the most damaging of ways.  I
believe they add to the public's perception that we are not
professionals.  Do you see doctors, lawyers, IT people, or CPAs
engaging in the denigration of their own professional standing?  Why
do we?

Donna Beales
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<< did anyone catch the segment on Inside Edition last night about the
Seattle public librarian and the Las Vegas showgirl changing places
for a day?
the show girl, who was shelving books, did admit that it was hard
physical labor - she wished she had a gopher to push the bookcart for
part 2 is tonight - teasers showed the show girl at the computer and
the librarian was preparing for her night onstage.>>