Last month I sent this survey out to the MEDLIB-L, NAHRS/MLA and RNMGR lists
and had 37, responses, 2 (nurse and librarian) from the same health system.

Resonses came from 27 hospitals/health systems, 7 academic medical
centers/academic networks and one nursing organization.  Since it was not
clear whether we were looking for responses from academe, I am reporting two
numbers for each.  The first is the total for all responses and the second
just for the hospitals/health systems.

 If you offer CINAHL access outside the library, where can nurses access the
database? (check all that apply):

All /  Hospitals & Health Systems
_31__27_  Nurses station
_33__26_  Office desktop
_14__10_  Learning Resource Center
_ 6__  3_   Bedside
_ 8___5 _  Clinic exam rooms
_22__15_  Home
_36__28_ Any of the above

Some of the numbers my be under-reported because specifics were not noted -
resondents just wrote "anywhere nurse have access" and I didn't take this to
mean bedside and exam rooms unless explicitily noted.  Also, if they refer
to their library as an LRC, that number may not be for "outside the

Comments on use/value/concerns:  Almost everyone had something to say - this
message would be way too long if I sent all of them!  Nurses who responded
liked access from their offices, and would like more full-text information.
Libraians brought up marketing concerns, and challenges related to working
with nursing students, including those who are also staff.  For this group,
one noted that the local libray assignment was unreasonable and frustrating
for the nurses, thus turning them off on libraries.  Several are teaching
classes to encourage use and improve searching, some with CEUs.  There was
at least a hint of frustration with the nursing shortage, which is seen as
limiting the time that the average nurse has to search CINAHL and use
library resources.  Some sites without nurses' station access noted that
this was due to administrators' concerns over appropriate Internet use.  For
one libray with current access via CD-ROM, this may mean no
clinical/workstation access when the vendor switches to web only interface,
forecast for this spring.

Can we contact you for more information?  (Yes/No)

Almost all said Yes; we've contacted some and may be following up with
others as we work on our presentations.

Many thanks from Diane Pravikoff at Cinahl Information Systems and myself!


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