Hi Caitlin,

Hey, I spoke to Robert Snapp yesterday and asked about the candidate
He told me they were waiting for the dean to send out the offers to the
chosen candidates.
Considering what happened w/ Stina's offer maybe we need to look into
this, quickly.

What do you know about it?


"Caitlin C. Coughlin" wrote:
> Hiya everyone, I miss you... :)
> The Dean Jenkins asked me to take down our cotroversial letters page.
> He said, "at _least_ during recruitment season."
> As it is quite out of date and also pretty much has accomplished what we
> set out for it to do, I have complied.
> In other news I would like to have a game night again:
> We haven't had CSSA speakers this semester because with the number of
> candidates giving great seminars it would be overkill, but that doesn't
> mean we shouldn't see each other!
> If anyone is interested please let me know and we can pick a game and a
> time.  _I_ would like to play dungeon keeper 2 all night long, as I can
> actually play that game.
> A bientot!
> -Caitlin 'will never be a compiler-writer' Coughlin, prez
> PS oh yeah, we need to have an election this semester officers, lets set
> up a meeting for that, anyone who would like to run for office email me
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