RE: Board Meeting

I think the problem might be that our communications need to be public.

Karen B. Horn
Director, Legislative and Membership Services

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Subject: Board Meeting

Two items re the agenda for the next meeting:
1.  I have asked Ed Schwartzreich our newspaper photographer to come by
at 6 pm to take pictures of the new board for the newspaper.
2.  I find that we have two MES list serves, the one we all know about
and a second which exists but has not been activated.  What I am
suggesting we do is to use this second server to handle all school
reports  and also duplicate posting of board agendas, minutes and
published reports and make this the public address that anyone can sign
up for, including board members.  This file server will be read only
(except for managers) and not be archived.  The existing one will then
continue but as an exclusive Board server and will be archived and can
be reviewed by anyone at the web address.  I would propose to make final
arrangements public in the next issue of Moretown Matters.  Think about
it and we can finalize something at the meeting.
..... Wavell