I work in a medical library and also 1 day a week in a public library.
Patrons have heard about a therapy such as aromatherapy or read about it and
want to try it.  They don't necessarily know that it is something that is
out of mainstream or traditional medicine.  Often they don't know the
concept of "alternative medicine" but want to try something which is not
necessaily the standard treatment for a particular ailment.

That is my take on your question.  I hope it helps.

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Subject: srch: consumer understanding alt med v western med

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Hi all,

I'm trying to set up a search to find statistics (preferable) or other
research that demonstrates whether the general public differentiates
alternative medicine from western medicine when they're looking for health

In other words, do consumers specifically look for alternative medicine
threapies, or are they looking for 'health' information, and the
alternative/complementary/herbal information is just part and parcel of what
they're looking for?

My suspicion is that consumers look for therapies or cures, and don't
specifically say "I want Western or conventional medicine only" or "I want
unconventional or alternative medicine".

But how do I find out if anyone has looked at this?

Thanks in advance!


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