The Connecticut Ski Council had a day at Haystack for $15 on Saturday.  I
was a little worried but figured that if it sucked I could at least go
somewhere else in the afternoon.

Haystack did not disappoint.  The snow from Monday/Tuesday's storm was
waiting to be had (they only open on weekends).  It wasn't light powder but
was still fun. Mid thigh to just below the knee cap deep all over the place.
Wind scorn in a few areas.  They only opened 2 lifts due to wind. The
Witches lift was not open which was disappointing considering that is where
the steepest part of the mountain is.  However, you can hike to the top of
Witches in about 10 minutes on Shadow from Upper Dutchman.  So I did. Twice.

I got 3rd and 6th tracks down Merlin in about a foot of powder.  When I
originally saw the trail from the bottom it had only one "S" track and it
looked beautiful.  By the time I made it up someone else had scored another
line parallel to the first one.  I felt it was my duty to follow suit and
made a continuos parallel "S" line all the way down the slope.  It probably
wasn't more than 600 ft. vertical but it felt great.  I was anxious to do
another one.  So I did.

Overall the day was a good one.  I explored many of their woods and found
some DEEP stuff.  Went into a little ravine where my skis got stuck on the
other side and I popped out of my skis and did a head over heels into the
snow.  Conditions were excellent all over and it seemed that there were only
about 500 people there!  It was nice not having to wait forever in a lift or
food line and find a table for lunch easily.

Spoke to a few people on the lift who came over from Mt. Snow and they said
that there were 45 minute lines for lift tickets, 45 - 60 minute lift lines
and a closed North Face.  Sucked for them, good for us.