I wonder if anyone has done a study of customer "persistency" or "repeat
visits" for ski areas in general.  I would suspect that for those areas
considered destination resorts that persistency would be greater in good
snow years vs. bad snow years. (well duh!)  I'd be interested to see those
same figures for the year following a bad snow year which was preceded by a
good snow year.  i.e.. what would the persistency ratio be of resorts in
Colorado this year (I think an average snow year) vs. last year (a bad snow
year) or in the previous year.  Obviously other factors may contribute to
ski area persistency that may skew this ratio.  Maybe it's time to dust off
that regression analysis I performed of the ski industry (or more
specifically, Intrawest, Vail Resorts and ASC) in grad school.

Any thoughts?


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