For the last several months I've been thinking about moving out west.  Last night I finally came to the decision to move out to Colorado in three weeks.  Unfortunately, that does not leave me much time to ski in New England during this epic winter and it means I will not make it to the SKIVTL party.  However, I still have a few long standing ski descents that I've been drooling about for years and still haven't done.  I need to ski them before I leave.  They are:
Mt. Marcy
The Trap Dike
The Great Gulf
I'm looking to ski these things sometime between March 19 and 28.  I plan on doing each of these descents in a single day.  So if anyone is interested and can wake up early to get an alpine start (I don't want a repeat of the Woodward here) and is up for a long hard day, let me know.  Each of these descents presents certain challenges.  Marcy is probably the most straightforward, but it's 15 miles roundtrip.  The Trap Dike is only 9 or 10 miles RT, but may require some ice climbing and/or rappels.  Skiing the Great Gulf requires climbing a huge amount of vertical, essentially climbing Mt. Washington twice in a day.  

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