Sorry about the double post. Let's see if I can get the protocol correct
here by making proper reference to the original message.

> Wesley wrote:
> ...hats off to Sugarbush for doing what they do best. Now,
> (shareholder mode on) if we could just get some of them Torontians up
> the road to Mad River...

If number of tickets sold is a real concern to shareholders (hope so), I
propose a snowboarder day at Mr.G. which for one day, or even a half
day, would allow 2-edgers on the hallowed trails. And I'm not talking
about monoboards or a July outing. Maybe each member of the co-op could
be allowed one paying guest-rider.

My skiing was never adequate to test the bumper sticker phrase, but I
sure would like a chance on a board. My motto, "Mad River Glen, can't
ride it". Maybe someday.


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