But what happens when physicians have tough cases at 3 a.m.? They will not
be able to get in the library then, since they couldn't anticipate the need.
Your approach seems like it would work well for the library user who can
schedule library time with more leeway--but direct support of clinical care
is our first priority. Having library resources unavailable off-hours gives
the message that they are NOT important for physicians to rely on, that they
should NOT be consulted in the normal course of difficult patient care

One of the first questions asked by the JCAHO to hospital librarians is
whether there is access 24 hours a day. Could you have security let people
in, or have a designated place where a person could get a key, after signing
a log? We had such an arrangement with the hospital switchboard people,
since someone was on duty 24 hrs, and they happened to be physically close
to us. People are much less likely to walk off with materials if they have
signed their name to the log of off-hours library users.


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Hi Sharon,

I am also a small one person library. I do an introduction to the library
during new employee orientation and I tell them that if they need access to
the library during hours when I am not there to call and I will make an
appointment to be here. I have no problem with that. For a year I had an
open door policy, but when I discovered several very expensive books missing
I had to lock my doors. If I come in during off hours, then I just adjust my
daytime hours. I get here very early in the morning and most late night
workers can come in after their shift to work in the library. Sometimes, I
get here at 7AM and find several people waiting.


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>Subject: Re: After hours access to library
>I searched the archives for this question and there was a discussion a few
>years back but I'd like some more information.  This is a small one person
>library in a 190 bed hospital.  The library is very busy but I of course
>have no coverage late at night.
>Many of the night shift nurses would like to use the library for research,
>continuing education and one of our computers contains the hospital
>education system which is required.  This of course is not the only
>computer containing the system but so many people like to use it because
>it's quiet.
>Our head of security does not feel comfortable leaving people in because
>there has been theft of books and journals.  At this time there are no
>security cameras etc...  I of course don't want to make anybody feel that
>the library is only for the day and evening shift people.   The staff and
>physicians often say they feel fortunate having a good library and full
>time librarian in a hospital this size so I don't want to get anybody angry
>by disallowing anybody in the library.
>If there is anybody in a similar situation I would like to hear what you
>are doing to allow the staff in when they need to use the library but keep
>the loss of materials down.
>Thank you
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