We have a similar policy here.  Faculty and professional staff get paid
for the full day if they leave early due to illness, dr. appt. etc.


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On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Colleen M Spagnola wrote:

> Good morning everyone.  I was just asked by our HR department to find out
> whatever I can about paying exempt employees for time off. At the present exempt
> employees here are mainly managers and directors. They are paid for a full day
> even if they are only here 1 hour. For example if my director came in in the
> morning and became ill after an hour or so she would be paid a regular 8 hours
> and not have to use any PTO, sick hours. The hourly employees, or non exempt,
> use PTO anytime they have to leave early or need a day off. HR is looking to see
> if this is standard practice. My guess is they are trying to make sure this
> policy is valid and if not chage it accordingly. I'm not even sure how many
> places have exempt and non exempt employees and of course the terminology could
> be different. Please answer me directly at the e mail below so as not to clutter
> the list. I will e mail directly anyone else wishing to know the answer. Thanks
> for your input.
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