Hi everybidy.  I need a few oages from NURSINF MANAGEMEMNT 1997, and again
it is from those funny supplemental (specialized issues) pages.  It is all
part of the same project, and these come from the references to another
article that I located.  So - if you happen to own and if you can fax me
whatever from the four, it'll be appreciated:  (again, please phone - best -
or e-mail if you can fax/fill):
Maxwell g.
Flexible monitoring
Nursing Managememnt  March, 1997, 28 (3): 48-B
       (this one is noted on the table of contents of our issue, but no text
2. Same citation as above, but p. 48-F
3.  "        "          "      "    , but p. 48-G
4.  "        "          "      "    , but p.48-I (capital of i)

I just hope it is not the same text repeated over and over ...

Thanks -

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