On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, Warren Van Wyck wrote:

> Greg,
>    Interesting proposal.
>    About three years ago CIT/AIS demoed a few IBM network computers and
> Oracle's entry -- it fizzled due to poor response time and limited and
> semi-functional applications.  Maybe these are improved for Top-Cat.
>    Here's that project report:
> --  Warren

Thanks, Warren.  I had heard a bit about this project and was going to ask
if this sort of information was available.

I think the key difference between then and now is that the body of
applications available to run on a Network Server has expanded 100 fold.
Today, fully featured web browsers and office application suites are
available on Solaris and Linux systems.  Additionally, (as we both know
quite well) the WinFrame tools have matured a great deal since this

On the performance front, the availability of 100 Mb switched Ethernet
should enhance the X-client experience.  Though naturally, any Thin Client
solution is only going to be as fast as the server-farm that supports it.
It goes without saying that the Top-Cat solution would require a large
capital investment in applcation servers.  Provided that we estimate
hardware needs properly, I believe we could get excellent performance on
the client end.

Greg MacKinnon
CIT Client Services
University of Vermont