Its been a while since I used it, but other than an update for OSX
compatibilty, it doesn't seem like any changes have been made.  Fetch
doesn't support resuming - something that is more and more important as
file sizes get larger.  Well, it does support resuming, but only as long
the application has been kept open.  If I am 75% done with a 600 meg
toast image file, and then my computer freezes fetch will not resume.

Directory caching is also a nice feature to have, but not necessary.  FTP
to FTP transfers are nice, but far from a standard feature (in any
client).  Is there any Mac ftp software supporting this?

As I said, its been some time since I last used fetch, so I may be wrong
about some things, but there are also other things I may have missed...

On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Steve Cavrak wrote:

> On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, Harley Blake wrote:
> > ole' Fetch is still pretty much of a drag; are there
> > plans to get a full-function FTP client for general
> > Mac use as well?
> ?????
> Which FTP functions are missing from Fetch ?
> Steve