On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Harley W. Blake-III wrote:

> I use Fetch a lot unfortunately. Basically It is
> still simplistic and under featured and clunky - by
> that I don't mean that you can't accomplish
> transfers, but rather that it is not an intuitive
> GUI.

Yes, the user interface doesn't have a lot of bells and
whistles - partly by design (It was written at Dartmouth
for student use, so ... :)

But it's full Macintosh friendly, so you can drag and
drop files between ANY folders that you have open - drag
this here, drag that there - using what ever view of
your desktop that makes sense at the moment - litle
icons, big icons, lists, bullet lists, etc.

With Mac users, at least, it's easy to explain. Perhaps
the Window idiom disorients people - certainly that has
been my experience when trying to teach people how to
use WS-FTP versus FTP-Voyager.

Given the choice of a simple program that is easy to
teach and support versus ones loaded with special
features just for you ...