On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, Ernest Buford wrote:

> UVM has a site license for FTP Voyager, yet this app just
> timed out after 30 days on my new PC (running NT 4.0)!
> I installed using an EXE from the CIT software archive.
> Is there something else I must do to license the software?

FTP Voyager is tricky to install.  If you don't do it just right, you end
up not applying UVM's registration file.  One way to fix this is to
re-install (you don't have to remove it first).  Download the install
program and run it.  Click on "register" and say yes.  Go through the
motions, but be sure near the end to uncheck the two check boxes - I think
one says launch the scheduler on startup, and one says launch FTP voyager
after installation.. whatever it says, uncheck the boxes and click on
finish.  Then wait.  It will churn away.  Don't close the dialogue boxes.
Eventually a window will pop up saying that you have successfully
registered FTP Voyager.  You can now close all the dialogue boxes.

This is from memory so it might not be perfect.. but if you don't get the
"you have successfully registered" message, you haven't done it right.
It's a stupid install program that CIT has no control over, unfortunately.

                                                - Jessica Dion