Since coming to UVM 3 years ago, I've flirted with SoverNet, and was a
Together.Net subscriber until the Earthlink debacle.  From home, at one
time or another, have been connected an iMac, a RH Linux box, and an IBM
thinkpad running W2K.

SoverNet had okay service, but insisted on a large hoop-jumping maneuver
involving sending a copy of my faculty ID and a letter from the chairperson
of my department in order to match the Together.Net price for dialup

Together.Net was inexpensive, but flaky.  There were very long dry patches
of not being able to connect on all 3boxes - or worse still - connections
that would drop after 2-3 minutes of service.

I currently have cable modem access via Adelphia.  The shift to Earthlink
and nasty drop in reliability was enough to get me to move.  I found that
not only was this fast, I was coming very close to breaking even (and on
heavy usage months, actually saving money) the combined Together.Net +
local connect time rates.   As some people have reported, the help at
Adelphia is not wonderful, but compared to some of the knuckle-draggers
I've had to deal with at, they are fine.  I've never been on
the phone with them for inordinate amounts of time, but that's usually
because I call around midnight.

Note: since moving to Adelphia I have become religious about turning off
unused network connections.  If I leave things plugged in, the box gets
port scanned ON AVERAGE 2-3 times a day, and there are numerous daily
attempts by script-kiddies looking for anonymous ftp holes, etc.


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