On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, Frank Swasey wrote:
> > Kinda like telling us we can't have our home networks on the lines and
> > that we have a 2.5GB a month dl limit???? Hahahahaha... oh so silly.
> Who puts a 2.5GB dl limit on... is that another of Adelphia's stupid
> rules?

Yeah.. it's oe of their "rules". I don't think they are seruious about
enforcing a lot of these rules though. I think the fact that downloading
Redhat now is nearly 1.2GB alone... and streaming audio/video for any good
amount of time makes it all add up REAL quick. I'm sure I've WAY blown
that number EVERY month I've had it.

To be fair, Adelphia has had pretty good tech support for ME. I know some
others have gotten the run around and poor service. It's only been down
for longer than I could handle twice.
I wish they'd hurry up and raise the upstream though. 16Kps??? Ick!

As for the anti-network reasoning, I'd love to see it. It's just stupid.
One machine downloading in a fury can be just as taxing on the bandwidth
as 5 machines... and they still get to share the home printer. I think
dissallowing LANs is moronic. Yet, when the guy installed my set-up, he
noted the LAN and just said
"It's not supported".
I said "yeah, I know... but I know what I'm doing".

In fact they can't even ACTUALLY force you to not split your cable within
your home... therefore, I'd say they have just as much right to control
your LAN.... being none. The "agreement" seems more like a scare tactic
for the underinformed, which is good, since they are likely to be the ones
to break something and then call complaining about bad service...

As to Kelvin's security issue... get a firewall proggie. I'm using black
ide defender, but zone alarm, I hear, is better and does the internet
sharing too. Of course if you're ip masq'ing through linux... then you've
got a natural firewall... of sorts, easily configurable.

Hehehe, which reminds me, since UVM is dropping Win3/1/11/95 support,
should we start telling people who's machine aren't really robust enough
for 98/200..etc to put linux on their boxes? :)

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