>Submit for your approval...
>A strategic realignment of IT services on the UVM campus.
>When I started working here, my good friend Steve C. (last name hidden
>to protect the innocent) told me:  "The LAN is broken, Personal
>Computers are broken... Fix it!  That's your job!"  So I have taken up
>the task.
>What do you think?

I think that in concept it would be beneficial but only in some areas
and with some users.

I think that your plan is way too broad to be practical.  There must
be demonstrable benefits to the end user or you won't get any
penetration.  If you put this menagerie of possibilities in front of
the average client and ask them to make choices, you're going to get
stonewalled.  With the options you suggest, you're basically saying
"you're going to learn an entirely different way of using your
computer".  This is a showstopper in most areas.

Also, your plan puts a huge load on unnamed development resources to
make applications currently provided to the desktop available via
browser, terminal or whatnot. We've had many such projects on the
table for years and haven't had the resources to dent them.

I think scaling down to a more manageable goal of making the desktop
more unitized (i.e. a computer will have the following things on it.
. .) and making network storage of user files the standard (along
with the requisite storage space, desktop configuration and user
training) would be a far wiser approach.


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