Thanks for reviewing some of the available ftp clients. I've found the
Tucows listing <> and Stroud's Winsock
Apps site <> useful in comparing and
selecting software, including FTP Clients. FTP Voyager is very highly
rated, for what it's worth.

We are not looking for a different FTP client, though. (At least, not
for Windows).  While anyone at UVM is entitled to use her own favorite
ftp client, we are only providing support for one; FTP Voyager. Among
the requirements when we selected the package were ease of use,
ability to
change file permissions, and ability to work with UVMVM's ftp server.
Our license for FTP Voyager lasts another year.

What would be helpful to know is what things make FTP Voyager
troublesome to some? Is there a way that we can package it to maximize
its utility and reduce frustration? For example, I've attached a
screenshot of FTP Voyager with many things turned off and a menu
customized to resemble Windows explorer. Upload and download with
drag-and-drop. This is, of course, just one possibility.

How do you (plural) use it? How do you configure it to make it work
for you and your clients?


PS. If you're having registration trouble, let me know. I can give you
a more direct registration mechanism--a .reg file.

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> On the Mac side, Inerarchy (formerly anarchie) is probably the best
> around FTP client.
> Fetch is an outdated, feature-poor client.  Unfortunatley, there are
> 4 ftp clients for the Mac.
> Is another one that has some nice features, but a horrible UI.
> For PC clients, I prefer bulletproof, but it has some
> flaws (lack of external drag and drop support), among other things.
> CuteFTP is also very good,
> FTPVoyager is one of my least favorite clients, ranking up there
> WS_FTP.  The interface is crowded, there is no option to clear the
> Connect box, and for some reason, it lost its registration
information on
> the pcr-dist 'image' that we have for the lab (DMDL).  Reinstalling
> no difference.
> SmartFTP, has some excellent features, but an
> confusing interface, and many features are not at all intuitive.
> FlashFXP is very nice, and also supports ftp to ftp transfers.  It
> updated frequently, which is nice for people who care, but annoying
> everyone over at CIT.
> I haven't used BestFTP at all...
> ftp explorer is nice for quick, simple connection (there is a dll
> available for download to disallow storing passwords as well).
> corey