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Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2001 7:57 PM
Subject: [Announce] ActivePython 2.1 Release

We are pleased to announce ActivePython 2.1 (build 210), a
of Python 2.1.

ActivePython contains a superset of the functionality available in the
reference distribution of Python. In addition, it has been tested on a
variety of platforms including various variants of Windows 9X, NT and
2000, Red Hat and Debian.

Highlights of ActivePython 2.1:

 On all platforms:

  * full Python 2.1 support (100% compatible)
  * rebuilt package repository including Numeric, PIL, PyXML, etc.
  * bundled XML parser and zlib compression library

 On Win32:

 * interactive win32 module browser
 * bundled Tk
 * enhanced version of the bundled Pythonwin environment
 * upgraded win32 extensions

ActivePython 2.1 also supports all of the new features of Python 2.1,

 * "weak references" facility for implementing caches and other
data structures.
 * richer comparison mechanism
 * warning framework
 * new module documentation extraction facility
 * ability to refer to variables from any containing scope.
 * unit testing features
 * faster line by line file reading

We at ActiveState are proud to provide ActivePython to the Python

 Paul Prescod
 ActivePython Technical Lead

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