I know this was an old thread, but I'd like to continue the discussion
a bit. The site license that CIT purchased for FTP Voyager was for two
years, so the 2001-2002 academic year is still covered.

Rhino Software has release FTP Voyager 8, and has complicated the
default interface. As we look to build the default configuration of
this package, I'm open to suggestions to make it more usable.

For example, I often suggest closing the local and log windows (and
now some other pieces, too) to leave what look like a Windows Explorer
window browsing a remote drive. Other suggestions?

I haven't built the UVM installer yet (that's why I'm asking for
suggestions). YOu can download the installer at> and give it a
whirl. Let me know what you think.


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> on another note and previous conversation:
> I just thought to throw another option into the fray... even though
> think it's too late. I don't like ftp voyager or explorer. Not at
> They just seem counter intuitive. I never complained because I could
> other options myself to fit my needs.
> One such proggie I found is called BestFTP Explorer 2000
> (
> I have to say it's among the BEST shareware I've ever used. Supports
> online editing of text based documents, ftp-ftp, ftp-local as well
as a
> host of other things.
> The reason I bring this up now is that, well, FTP Voyager has been a
> in the but over here (DMDL) not installing or maintaining its
> correctly, which wouldn't be a big deal if we actually liked it and
> it worth the trouble... so I'm looking at putting BestFTP on the lab
> machines. I asked about multi-license costs... it would cost about
> for the lab, of about 15 machines... BUT, for a Educational site
> it is only $500.
> Fod for thought. I'm not in a rush right now... but the next version
> see a price increase, but registered users get a free upgrade, I
> believe... so there's just some food for thought.
> Chris
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