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I believe many people may think they know more than they do.  It would be more helpful to actually provide them with questions to help determine the level of knowledge.

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Today Lynn Cummings wrote:

> email it would be very helpful.  The Self Assessment Survey is on the UT&D
> Website and anyone can use it:
> <http://www.uvm.edu/~training/?Page=tech_survey.html>

How does this help me?  I answer the questions and it shows me a lot of
graphs that show how everyone has answered the questions, but not how I
compare to that (or am I supposed to remember which number I checked
off on all those tables).  The stated meanings of the 1-5 values do not
seem to apply to some of the questions being asked.

For example, "Aware of etiquette for e-mail communication" and my
choices are:

1 - I know nothing about this
2 - I'm starting to learn about this
3 - I'm comfortable with the basic functions
4 - I'm comfortable with most functions
5 - I'm comfortable with all functions

HUH???  Maybe I left my brain at home today, but this set of choices
doesn't seem to fit with the implied question of whether or not I know
e-mail etiquette.

Well, maby we need a new assessment.