I'm often asked about online textbooks and other references for nursing and
now I need to know more for a new consulting project.  I'm adding what
little I know below, and looking for others that you've found useful.  I
promise to summarize for the lists.  When you respond, please note if you're
using a stand-alone or networked version, and whether it's CD-ROM or web
product.  I'd also appreciate comments re. usefulness and any technology
implementation issues related to these products.  In the summary, I'll
delete any reference to your organization/name.

For this question, I'm not interested in nursing journal collections offered
with CINAHL or other databases, although comments on any of these are also
welcome.  For electronic journals I'm particularly interested in technology
issues related to various vendors.  I will be writing an article on access
to full-text nursing journals later this spring and would be interested in
your experiences, good and bad.  If you write on this second question & the
first, pease send as a separate response.

My knowledge:

The two publishers I'm aware of that publish electronic texts for nurses are
Springhouse and Lippincott.  Both now owned by WoltersKluwer (hmm).  See for their nursing procedures
online.  The Lippincott's Complete Nursing Reference on CD-ROM includes
Fischbach's A Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, Fifth Edition; see,2265,771759186,00.htmland
institutional version at,2265,547974226,00.html .

The Springnet and Lippincott NursingCenter sites may be merging and change,
so don't carve these addresses in stone...

Please respond to me, not the lists.

Thanks in advance for all your input - Peg

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