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>I think it's all relative.  From the frame of reference of somebody sitting
>in, say, Alaska or Nepal, the notion of a bunch of people on a Vermont ski
>list tut-tutting about "mountains" and "wilderness" must seem pretty
>rediculous.  I personally find nothing wrong with central heat, indoor
>plumbing, fresh food, and modern transportation.  A "real mountain" in "the
>wilderness" doesn't have any of these and any lift-serviced ski resort is a
>Disneyesque wilderness experience by comparison.  And isn't Sugar Bowl, IMO
>a real gem of a ski area, really the only place that can claim the title

As usual Geoff, your post makes a lot of sense.  I like hot running water,
too.  However, I also like a ski area (let's leave the loaded
word, "resort", out of this) that's left quite a bit of the character of
the mtn. as it was before the ski area existed.  The farthest out on the
spectrum for this sort of thing among lift-served areas might be Silverton
in CO.  Even evril K-Mart seems to have tons of pockets of orginality that
I've yet to fully explore.  I'd love to get the tour some time. (Hint,

I've been lucky enough to avoid most of the blased, bulldozed, and trails
razed flat ski areas in my few years of skiing, and I haven't really missed
them, but they do exist for the reasons Denis pointed out, economics.  But,
bulldozing and blasting just doesn't seem to make a lot of sense for ski
areas with their character largely intact.  This was one reason I detested
the placement of the GMF at Jay Peak so much.  Lucky for us enough skiers
and boarders seem to like a little character in their lift-served
experience, and it seems as if the industry as a whole is slowing catching
on.  (Wild Things, fusion zones, the proliferation of glades, etc.)  I
don't think Marc was pining for pine cone toilet paper or 1000 year-old
forest, just for a little bit of mtn. that hadn't been homogenized.

And while Sugar Bowl may have the only genetic link to Walt, himself, ASC's
new top brass creates a dubious link to Disney for the ASC resorts all by

-Jim B.

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