Today was awesome - who would have thunk it?  I must admit I am a ski snob
who usually bypasses Bolton on the way to more "vertical" places, only
hitting it for night skiing once or so a year.   But, after yesterday's
Bump-a-thon at MRG, my sore body was looking for something a little more
mellow, and Closing Day at Bolton for $10 on another beautiful day seemed
like just the ticket.

Arrived at 11:15 w/ friend John, bought said ticket and ascended the
Mountain chair to the Vista chair.   Did Sherman's Pass > Schuss for a
warmup.  Reascended Vista chair to Cobrass as a means to getting to the
(from what I hear) frequently closed Timberline Quad.   Noticed that
Preacher was roped off, assuming this was due to not yet soft conditions.
Made mental note to check later and poach regardless (one of the joys of
paying $10).  Off Timberline, the trail choice was Lost Boyz, one of 2
double blacks on the mountain.  Some nice turns in medium-tight woods were
found, especially when following the rule of thumb to stay out of the shade.
Did Lost Boyz 3 consecutive runs, followed by a high speed cruise on
Brandywine (groomed single black) at which point the decision was made to
see some more of the mountain, so we headed over to the Wilderness chair,
and did one run.   The Wilderness chair serves a disappointing collection of
green and blue trails, but I was intrigued by the terrain both off trail and
above the chair (just below the summit of Ricker Mountain).

About 1 PM now.   We headed back to the Vista chair to do some laps, as I
assumed the blacks there should be sufficently soft.   I was right - Show
Off, Hard Luck, and Vermont 200 all had pleasantly soft, if not particularly
large, bumps.   On descending Vermont 200, we noticed tracks coming out of
the woods - hmmmm....this was turning into a not quite so mellow day, and
one in which my helmet was still in the car.

The ADD started kicking in and we started looking to see what goods could be
found.   The trail out of the woods was an offshoot of TNT, which we found
to be roped.  No, nothing like a trivial rope stops the demented tree skier.
TNT was pleasantly slick and the fever had set in.  We headed back to the
Wilderness chair and noticed a veritable snowfield just to the left of the
upper left.   Peeked in, but found we were on top of about a 15 foot pile of
snow, looking down on the tops of some very thick pines.  Came down and
around and found more open snow and some sweet soft corn turns.   Ducked in
the woods again and pretty much followed them the whole way down.  This was
getting fun!  On the next trip up the chair, noticed some steep open snow
(mixed with just a few trees and fallen logs) just below Upper Crossover.
These turned out to be some of the nicest turns of the season.  Followed
this descent with more woods all the way down, crossing annoying open runs
every once and a while.  I was slapped silly by the sapling branches, but
all in the name of chasing sweet turns.  This went on for another hour and 3
runs.  Finally, it was after 3 and my "mellow" day was nearing an end. We
headed back uo the Vista chair to check out Preacher, which was now open.
Preacher to Devil's Playground finished the day on the upper mountain, after
which we did a quick tour through the Kids Park and the surrounding woods.
The surreal moment of the day was doing turns around a collection of plywood
cartoon characters who seemed to jump put of nowhere!

I was pleasantly surprised by what we found in the Bolton woods.  I
definitely got my $10 worth!  Now, if they could only open the woods for
night skiing!  ;-)

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