>Matt and I will probably head over friday morning, barring
>any unforseen roadblocks, to set up camp and bag a run on the Gulf of
>Slides Trail. Erin will be joining us Fri night. Maybe we can even sucker
>Cousin Nick into this scheme. Sat weather may not cooperate, but with an
>ample supply of Pabst Blue Ribbon we'll feel like winners anyway.
I won't be able to make it up until Saturday night becasue I'm obligated to move Kim out of my apartment that morning but I'll pack a 40 of St. Ides that was leftover from last Friday night's wierd festivities.  I don't plan on leaving the Presidentials for a week or so until I've ticked off a bunch of ravines  - Oake's, Great, Huntington, King, Madison, Jefferson, Castle, Cascade.

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