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>Does the Silvretta toe-box have a li'l leather strap to hold the toe down,
>or is it a tab/bar/??  ?  Are there 2 sets of cable guides screwed into the
>sides of the ski, the rear-ward one a set of overlapping hooks so's you can
>pull the cable out for touring/telemarking?

No, the toepiece is a wire-cage-like thing.  The cable travels from a
front-throw latch, through a cable guide on the TOP of the ski, goes under
the toepiece, out to the corners of the toepiece, and then along the sides
of the ski where a single set of hooks latches down the heel.  The toepiece
is slightly larger than my Voile Classics, and it's made of a bent steel rod
that ends in a "twist" that holds the cable beside the sole of the boot but
away from the sides of the ski.  The front throw is mounted almost 8" in
front of the toepiece, and the cable length adjusts with a single hex-bolt.

Other ID:

-It features "Kneissl Epoxy" technology!
-They're serial # 138352
-Shaped?  85-68-75!  Compared to my 84-64-74 Tua's thats only 1-2mm or so
 less sidecut!

>If yes & yes, this is a pre-
>1960 setup, may be ca. '50m (tarred bases, you said? By the '60s all comp
>skis had plastic bases.)

It's glossy, but you can see the wood grain through it.  The black coating
also covers the screw-in edges.

>and a wicked-cool one too!  Hot wax some cheapo
>green XC kick wax onto the tar bases and ski those puppies!
. . .
>Expect folks to gawk too (the main reason for skiin' 'em, eh? :-)

Hell yeah!  Looks like a three-pair trip to Kirkwood this weekend.  Hey--am
I being coverted to a quiver-club member?


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