I hope you didn't think I was trying to bash your observation, because I thought it was great.  I was just trying to make the point that the Tuck's experience is all about the people; the carnival atmosphere, the partying, the drinking, the stupidity, etc.  I love it.  You're also right about bringing up reeb in cans instead of bottles - I already made that mistake in high school.  But the more weight conscious climber would bring a flask of trofmoC nrehtuoS, which has more oomph ounce for ounce. 



>I didn't make the observations, just recounting what others have said. My
>point is how differently people of the same persuasion can view things. Who
>is right? Who is wrong? Over here they are implementing new "wilderness
>user rules". I guess the Pabst is ok as long as it's in cans. (no glass
>allowed in the high peaks) Actually that makes pretty good sense. Cans are
>lighter to carry back out empty. Have fun, wish I was there. Jimski

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