Geoff Devine wrote:
>I take it you never got to the Mott's Canyon area?

Would have loved to see it, but they closed it on such a beautiful
slush-day.  What was interesting was that of the dozens of people I
chatted with that day, not one had ever been in there.  The crowd was
uniformly groomer-oriented, and mainly complained about the "heavy
snow" (1" of wet corn on a firm base).  I asked about the "Skiways"
face and was told that "it's full of trees--that's how people get
killed!"  :)

Anyway, I figure that a cheap (midweek!) pass might not really affect
the typical Bay-Area weekender.  By tossing a cheapo to the Mott
Canyon/Ski Daily/College Student/Truckee Local crowd, they might
simply gain a little respectibility and a few more weekday visits
without significantly impacting the Amenities market or the Casino
market or the Family Skiing market (Sierra-At-Tahoe?).  Hell, when ASC
offered some good deals on All-East passes, nobody I know put their
MRG share up for sale.

To say something good about Tahoe, though: despite the out-of-control
amenities, hordes of leisure-tourons, and premium pricing, it's great
that even the most raging McResorts have sick and stoopid terrain
available to keep it real.  The bonuses of Big Mountains, I suppose.


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