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|This is very unique- I want a picture! Got a digi-cam?

Uh, not on the government tab... the photo archive is on hold pending
the purchase of my *own* imaging equipment.

|It's definitely a '50s ski, maybe mid-late '50s- I'm not sure when they
|started slapping epoxy/glass on the tops of woodies, but there was a lot of
|experimenting with metals and plastics in the '50s, especially in
|high-end/comp skis.

The topskin is a thin sheet of red plastic, although some peeling at
the tail reveals wood underneath.  Can't figure out what's in the

I think I need to cruise some classic skiing websites and brush up on
my skills.  Where's that picture of Dick Durrance ripping it up on
woodies?  Let's see, would I want to use Allais or Austrian technique?

|> Hey--am
|> I being coverted to a quiver-club member?
|Your membership card is in the mail! :-)

Uh oh.  Looks like I won't be able to put off the ski rack purchase
any longer--four pairs for two passengers?  And then telemark-pyrenees
has to go and have a sale...



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