> I suspect that Marc may have more
> to say
> about Friday after his experience at Tremblent on Saturday.  We both
> had a
> blast on Friday as welll!!

Well, JimB summed up Bromont fairly well.  Tremblant, however, was another
story.  The word "disneyesque" keeps popping into my head.  Skiing at
Tremblant is now just a diversion, just another activity amongst many
at the resort.  The village, IMO, is an abomination.  The hill is, too,
where the sense of standing on a remote mountaintop in a harsh environment
has all but disappeared.  Such a pity, too, for a mountain with such
a profound history.

The sad part is that this is what the masses want.  Glad to not be part
of the masses.  I'll be struggling to put a positive spin of any kind
on this story.

> On the flip side.  Crowds, crowds, crowds.  More crowds.  Congestion
> on the
> hill.  An impersonal "resort" feel.  McRun after McRun. Most sadly,
> we quit
> our ski day at 3:00 (despite a late start) because of -OHMYGOD- boredom!

I have *never* been in crowds on a trail like that in my life.  A freakin'
anthill.  And the sad part is that passholders advised that this is a
typical Saturday, although the holidays are busier.  Ugh!!

I quite frankly don't care if I never go back.
Marc Guido
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First Tracks!! Online Ski Magazine
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